YE7 Online Fish Shooting: Playing is winning, changing your life is reality

Online Fish Shooting YE7: Play To Win, Changing Your Life Is Real

YE7 online fish shooting is an outstanding game with a huge game store and attractive interface. If you want to discover the secrets below the ocean floor, you cannot ignore the important information in the article below.

Reasons why YE7 online fish shooting attracts a large number of players

The reason the online fish shooting game at YE7 receives widespread support is thanks to the factors that create the appeal of this game lobby:

Beautiful graphics, top hunting

The system’s interface is beautifully designed, creating an attractive feeling for players. The mysterious ocean space is faithfully recreated, with a rich and diverse marine life system, creating a fun experience.

Diverse fish shooting games with attractive prizes

You can freely show off your shooting skills with popular game lines such as Jackpot Fishing, Happy Fishing, King Fishing, and each product has a different visual interface, bringing a new experience.

Reasons why YE7 online fish shooting attracts a large number of players
Reasons why YE7 online fish shooting attracts a large number of players

Super fast payouts and no fees

YE7 commits to paying bonuses immediately and in full, without deducting any fees. The redemption process applied on the website is carried out quickly and clearly, ensuring trust and safety for players.

Online fish shooting categories at YE7

In the house’s online fish shooting game, there are many different items for players to choose from easily:

Latest Games

This is a place for players who love to explore new things. You can experience game versions such as TP Ban Ca Lo To, JiLi Phi Long Tang Ngoc, TP Tay Du Ky Hang Ma, Happy Fishing, and many other games.

Shooting Fishing Expert

If you are confident in your experience and abilities, come here to conquer higher level games. Games in this category include KA Special Forces, KA Dragon War, FTG Treasure Dragon Palace, KA Hai Ba Co,…

Online fish shooting categories at YE7
Online fish shooting categories at YE7

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Hottest games

If you want to experience the current hot trending Shooting Fishing versions, come here. You will find game versions such as JiLi Dragon Hunter Expert, JiLi Jackpot, FC Ocean Overlord, FC Universe Fish Hunter,…

Steps to participate in online fish shooting at YE7

Below are detailed instructions on how to play the online fish shooting game at YE7 for new players to understand:

  • Step 1: If you do not have an account, you can register a new account on the YE7 website according to the instructions. If you already have an account, just log in to your account.
  • Step 2: After successfully logging in, on the main interface, you will find the “Fish Shooting” section. Click on this item, you will see a list of different fish shooting game titles.
  • Step 3: Before starting each game, you can choose your fish shooting weapon. Each weapon will have its own characteristics and ability to shoot down fish. After choosing the right weapon, choose the corresponding bet level.
  • Step 4: During the game, fish of different sizes and colors will appear on the screen. Your task is to use the mouse or control buttons to aim and shoot down the fish.
  • Step 5: When the game time ends, your score will be aggregated and calculated. Depending on the score you achieve, you can receive rewards, bonuses or gifts from the game. In addition, you can also use the score to upgrade your weapons.
Process of participating in fish shooting at the game portal
Process of participating in fish shooting at the game portal

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Online fish shooting experience easy to win for rookies

If you want to win big in the online fish shooting game, of course you must have an effective strategy and below are the tips shared for new recruits:

Use a combination of weapons

In this game, there are many different types of weapons such as electric nets, explosives, bombs, etc. Please use them flexibly and combine them with suitable warheads to increase your ability to defeat fish, thereby receiving rewards. more bonus coins.

Focus on hunting fish in schools

An effective strategy for new players is to hunt fish in schools. When fish gather in groups, it will be easier for you to aim and your chances of hitting will be higher. Hunting in groups also helps you save coin resources and gain many trophies.

Experience to help win in online fish shooting game
Experience to help win in online fish shooting game

Avoid hunting sharks when coin resources are low

When you don’t have a lot of coins, avoid hunting sharks like Big Fish. For such big fish, you need good aiming skills and enough coins to use the right weapons. Instead, focus on hunting smaller fish to make a profit and quickly balance the resources.


The above article has provided information about the online fish shooting game at YE7 . We hope that you will have great experiences and achieve more achievements after applying the tips shared above.