Download YE7 App

How to download YE7 app is always a question that customers ask. Since the YE7 application was launched, accessing and experiencing the house’s products has become easier and safer than ever. Players can participate in sports, live casino, slot games… with their mobile phones.

YE7 App overview

YE7 is a brand that provides safe and reputable online betting products with a diverse “ecosystem” (game store). Coming to the brand, members can freely explore many different game genres. If you love football, you can visit sports. If you want to experience red and black, click on “live casino” or “card game”.

YE7 App Enjoy anytime anywhere
YE7 App Enjoy anytime anywhere

With the mission of becoming a reward paradise suitable for all Philippine communities, the bookmaker application has officially been launched. Just choose to download the YE7 app , you can experience all the game lines the brand is providing with your IOS or Android mobile phone.

Although the software has just been put into operation not long ago, it has a complete system of categories and features to support bettors. At the same time, the app is designed similarly to the website version, so the operation is very simple, not causing difficulties for customers.

Instructions for downloading YE7 App

Downloading YE7 app will be the perfect choice for members. Through this software, you can comfortably participate in playing games on your mobile phone no matter where you are. The app works well, has a powerful configuration so it does not cause lag and is safe for all devices.

On IOS phone

For players using phones with the IOS operating system, members will download according to the following process:

  1. First, members please use your mobile phone to access the YE7 homepage using the most reputable link.
  2. Next, in the toolbar on the right hand side, click on the phone icon.
  3. At this time, two links to download YE7 app will be displayed on the screen . Players select “IOS Download” and wait until the software downloads successfully.
  4. After receiving a notification from your mobile that the app has been downloaded successfully, select “install” – This software is always available on any smart electronic device.
  5. Find the directory where the file you just downloaded is stored, and select open this file.
  6. At this time, the screen will display all requests from the mobile phone for the application. The player just needs to press accept to succeed.
Android App
Android App
iOS App
iOS App
YE7 Mobile Web
YE7 Mobile Web

1.Scan the QR code, enter the download page to download

2. Allow installing the app. Click here to see how to install in iOS and Android.

3. Open the App, log in or register your account to enjoy the games

If you failed to scan the QR code, you can also check our website on your browser

One account access to both PC and Mobile
Say goodbye to individual software
Play on iOS or Android devices
Have fun through our platform

On Android phones

The way to download the YE7 app for Android is similar to the way to download for IOS. Specifically, if you want to download successfully, members need to follow the instructions below:

  1. First, visit bookmaker YE7 using the browser on your phone.
  2. Select the phone icon from the toolbar on the right hand side, tap lightly and you’re done.
  3. On the two links displayed on the screen, players select “Android Download” and wait about 10 to 15 minutes for the app to download to the phone.
  4. When the software download is complete, open the settings on your device, select “manage downloaded files”.
  5. Here, the file you downloaded is displayed, the player chooses to open this application.
  6. When the screen displays all requests to download the YE7 app , the player needs to click accept or allow. If you choose otherwise, the application will not be able to work at the brand.

Note when downloading YE7’s app

Members only need to follow the 6 steps shared in the above content to successfully download the app on iOS or Android operating systems. However, during the operation process, some problems may arise that affect you. Therefore, players need to pay attention to the following two issues to prevent this risk:

  • Network connection: Always make sure you download the YE7 app under stable network conditions. Simply when accessing the homepage to get the download link, the website loads quickly, without signs of lag, and does not display information.
  • Download link: Some players accidentally choose the wrong link, which leads to even though you have completed the shared download steps but you still cannot use the application. For IOS, players need to choose IOS Download, Android choose Android Download.

Promotional activity: download YE7 app and receive 88P

Downloading YE7 to mobile not only helps customers explore the house’s products anywhere. Besides, you can also receive 50,000 Php immediately when the download is successful. Currently, the unit is organizing a separate promotion program to thank members who use this application.

Subjects to which the program applies

About the participants of the YE7 app download promotion : For all players. The program starts and will end when the dealer issues an official announcement. Because the event is not limited to members, as long as you need to download the app, members will immediately receive 50,000 Php.

Prize structure

The prize for the activity as the brand has accurately announced, the customer who completes the request will receive 50,000 Php. The unit commits that it will award prizes on time, in the right quantity, without causing difficulties for the prize recipients. As long as the member meets the conditions, you will be the owner of that prize.

How to join

How to participate in the YE7 app download activity is as follows: Customers need to have a total deposit of over 500 points, or 500,000 Php, and send money at least 3 times to the system. Besides, members need to have a total valid bet of at least 3 rounds compared to the total deposit, which means the total deposit/total bet must be greater than or equal to three.

For example: A member has a total deposit of over 500 points, has deposited money 3 times to YE7 and the total valid bet compared to the total deposit is greater than 3 times. At this time, when successfully downloading the house app, the player will receive 50 points, or 50,000 Php, into the game account.

Instructions for receiving rewards

The way to receive rewards for downloading the YE7 app is very simple, not too complicated. Specifically, members need to contact the customer service department at the house directly. They will check your participation information and send the reward when the player has met all the rules listed above.

YE7 app download terms and conditions

Regarding the regulations in this app download promotion program, members need to note the following issues:

  • Each member can only participate and receive rewards from the event once.
  • This activity applies to members who have downloaded the app and participated in betting on this software.
  • In case a member intentionally bets on the wrong hall or bets on a 2-sided game in the electronic/fish shooting lobby, the house has the right to recover all bonus points and other costs incurred related to this promotional activity.
  • The withdrawal condition of the YE7 app download event is that members need to go through 5 betting rounds without violating any regulations.
  • Before bonus payment, members cannot change banking information or data related to your account. If you want to amend then the bonus and profit will be deducted.
  • The bookmaker reserves the right to change policies, stop or cancel events without player consent.


Above are detailed instructions on how to download YE7 app . Hopefully through this content, members have successfully performed the operation, owning a great application right on their mobile phones. Don’t forget to contact the dealer as soon as you have downloaded the software to receive the fastest reward.