Extremely simple score betting guide with YE7

Score betting brings huge profits if you bet correctly. Although predicting the exact score of a match is seemingly impossible. Therefore, you need tactics as well as experience to be able to bet successfully. Join YE7 to learn the super simple score betting guide for rookies right after this.

What is a score bet?

Score odds are a popular betting code and are applied to most football matches today. Through that, the bookmaker will give a series of odds and assume that it is the final score of the match. The player’s task is to research and bet on the appropriate odds to catch the correct score of the match.

Exact score bet - popular betting code today in football
Exact score bet – popular betting code today in football

If you predict correctly, the bonus will be transferred to your account quickly. In case the prediction is wrong, you will only lose the bet on the original bet. Although it is difficult to predict the exact score of a match, if you research hard, you can bet more accurately.

Principles of score betting in soccer betting

To play the score bet , you need to have the most general view of the two teams to make the most accurate decision. Regularly update football results to predict and analyze the ability as well as developments on the field.

The special thing about score betting is that you can bet anytime you want. You can bet before the match starts or while the match is in progress. Therefore, many people wait for about 15 minutes before betting to get a higher winning rate.

Principles to know when playing score betting
Principles to know when playing score betting

So how to calculate the winning score betting bet? The bonus that the player receives when predicting correctly corresponds to the Odds ratio according to the following formula: Odds ratio x Initial bet = Bonus received.

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Extremely good odds betting guide for new players

Although playing score betting is not easy for new players as well as veteran bettors. Because what happens on the field is something we cannot predict. Therefore, to help you have more confidence when betting, follow the following tips from YE7.

Research information

Researching information is the first step that determines a player’s success or failure up to 90%. Please focus on researching recent performance and confrontation history between the two teams. Because this is an important source of information to predict bets and scores for the match.

For example, if team A is highly rated for its performance and scoring ability, there is a high probability that there will be 1 goal or more. Meanwhile, the opponent, team B, has a solid defensive strategy, which will make it more difficult to score. Therefore, with such situations combined with research information, the high probability that the score will be around 1-1, 0-1 or 1-0 only.

Join the side bet

Playing side bets is the best way to optimize winning when betting on scores in soccer. The side bets in soccer will be more detailed and players need to understand clearly. For example, free kick bets or offside bets are bet codes that can help players predict the score of the match.

A corner kick can also create a goal for either team. Therefore, you need to observe the match situation as well as rely on professional knowledge to quickly place bets.

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Some small tips to help bettors play football better
Some small tips to help bettors play football better

Play score odds based on over/under bets

Based on the over/under bet, players can exploit valuable information from the data and score betting provided. The bookmaker has carefully analyzed to give the scores that are likely to occur in the match.

Grasping and understanding these parameters helps players make more accurate betting decisions. By using these numbers as a reference, players can predict the likelihood of match outcomes. From there, bet intelligently and in accordance with your predictions.

Betting Zone

Based on the player’s form, performance, and strength in the match, players can localize likely scenarios. If both teams have solid defenses, the possibility of scoring will decrease and scores like 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1, 2-0 will be suitable scenarios.

On the contrary, if both teams possess strong attacks, the scores 2-2, 3-1, 1-3, 3-2, 2-3 can easily occur. In the knockout rounds or quarter-finals, caution increases, leading to a reduced scoring likelihood, with scores such as 1-1, 1-0, 0-1, 2-1, 1-2 possible. is a reasonable scenario. Analyzing these factors helps players make more accurate predictions.


Odds bring high profits to players but are also very difficult to predict. If you want to bet successfully, follow the tips that YE7 shared in this article. Good luck.